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10 best file managers for Android devices

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What is Mobile File Manager ?

Well, no one is unheard of the term ‘file management’ right? And every mobile phone comes with an inbuilt file management applications with basic file management functions but sometimes these functions and options are not sufficient for your needs and maybe you need some changes in the user interface of your file manager.

Whatever be the reason or purpose. Here, we bring you the list of best file managers for your android device. Keeping in mind the requirements of the users in the best file managers.

Below given is a list of best file managers with some cool and up to date features which every user needs in the best file manager:

1. ES File Manager

Well, topping the list indeed, ES file manager is the best option available while choosing a File Manager of your need. ES File Manager comes with fully loaded features which makes it the best file manager.

The cool features include zipping and RAR support and image as well as document viewer also, audio and video player. Some other additional features that you’ll get are cloud storage, cache cleaner, WI-fi file transfer and many more.

ES file manager helps you to easily manage your data and keep your smartphone and junk free. You can arrange the files category wise and keep your files easily accessible.

ES file manager is a file manager that is full of features but it comes with a drawback too and that is, it comes with bloatware.

You can download Es file manager by clicking here to access all the cool features for file management for your smartphone.

2. ASTRO file manager

Along with the basic features like copy, cut, paste etc, ASTRO file manager also comes with inbuilt mobile system cleaner which gives you utility to uninstall and clean applications data through your file manager.

ASTRO file manager also comes with an awesome feature called ASTRO Cloud Hopping which enables the user to transfer files between clouds.

It comes with latest android marshmallow and supports 13 languages. One of the best features includes task killers, which killers apps that are draining your battery and saves battery by increasing battery life and device performance.

The user interface of the app is user-friendly and Astro file manager is great options available on the play store for free download.

Click here to Free download Astro file manager.

3. MK File Explorer

Mk file explorer comes along with a two-panel window to view files. Also, you’ll get an inbuilt gallery, text editor, and music player if you opt for MK file explorer among the list of 10 best file managers.

MK file manager supports 20 languages and it can extract and compress files. The good thing about this app is it can also work on rooted Android devices. The basic features include cut copy paste etc.

You can download Mk file manager for free from here.

4. X-Plore File Manager

X-plore file manager is one of the best file manager available for download for free on Google play store. It provides its user some great features like Google drive, PCloud, SugarSync etc.It gives it easy to use user interface and provides double panel explorer. Easily getting a position in ten best file managers list, X-plore file manager is one of the best file management application available for Android users.

A good thing that you will get with Xplore is, it does not annoy you with pop up ads and is completely ad-free. X-Plore file manager is a good choice if you searching experience like PC while handling your files.

5. AnTek Explorer

Antek file explorer comes with a smart feature of drag and drop, by which you can drag a file from anywhere and drop it to any location. Other features like an image viewer, music player, and video player also come along Antek explorer. An additional good point about intake explorer is you can browse root directory f your device with this explorer.

All the basic features like cut copy paste are included with Antek. Thus enter explorer is a smart choice for your Android device, to download Antek explorer for free click here and follow the instructions.

6. ASUS file manager

This tool is developed by ASUS, which a trustworthy name in the market. ASUS file manager allows you to manage and handle the files on your internal, external and cloud storage. Well first things first, the user interface of the application is quite attractive and easy to understand and use. ASUS file manager also comes with the features like compressing or decompressing the files in the ZIP or RAR format. This application works almost on every android device and ASUS file manager it makes file management easier. So if you are looking for the best file managers for android than download Asus file manager from here and enjoy all its fabulous features.

7. AMAZE file manager

There are multiple reasons for why amaze file manager is listed in the 10 best file manager list. First of all, all the basic features like cut copy compress are included and secondly it is based on the material design guidelines.

It also allows you to work on multiple tabs at a time. There are multiple themes to look good and customize-able icon are also available. One more thing make it among the best file managers is, it comes ad-free. Which means no headache causing pop up ads.

8.  Solid explorer

Solid Explorer is a password protected application to protect your sensitive file from going into false hands. Also, this application support fingerprint locks if your device also supports fingerprint scanning. It helps your managing files on the cloud as well as internal or external storage. Features also include extraction of files and compressing. Solid Explorer is simply the best file manager in the list of best file managers as it also allows you to rename multiple files at a time.

To get free access to cool features of solid explorer you can download it for free from here.

9. Tetra filer

Tetra filer comes with a simple and sober user interface with basic functions of every file manager like cut copy and paste. It enables you to compress and extract RAR files. You can select multiple files and perform the important actions at once. It simply shows you the files which you use more often and allow you to bookmark them.

If you are a customisation geek then this file manager is for you, to download tetra filer free click here.

10. File Manager

File manager is available in 19 different languages along with many customisation options. It can perform basic functions like cut copy paste etc. File manager comes with an inbuilt mobile cleaner system lab which enables you to clean the system from junk and malware. it is also capable of uninstalling apps which are of no use. Compressing and decompressing of files. If you are looking for lots of features in your file manager then this can be a good option.

To download file manager click here.

So these were the 10 best file managers for your android device. We hope you will get the file manager of your need from these best file managers available on the Google play store.

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