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Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites of 2016

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movie streaming sites

Top 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Websites of 2016Watching movies online for free is very much trending nowadays, and it is loved by the people very much. Watching free movie streaming online is very much trending because everyone loves watching free movies online, and this is because anywhere at anytime you can start watching your favourite movies on your device just the thing is that you will need to have good speed internet connection.

movie streaming sites

So now whenever you like to watch movies, you will not need to go to the theater and be in a queue for getting tickets, especially in Indian theaters, isn’t it? If you have been watched movies in Indian theater and that also first-day first show, then I am sure you must have been in a queue for some half and hours and all. So many people don’t like, and they like smart work, so people are now attracted to free movie streaming websites.

Now you may be thinking why to go for best movie streaming websites other than downloading full movie or you other than getting free Netflix account and getting it to watch movies online on your device. But the main thing is that downloading and watching movies offline is very lengthy stuff, and it takes a lot of time, and you won’t believe that sometimes for downloading movies full in high quality it might take you two days.

So downloading movies and watching are not good options to go for, so watching online from the free movies streaming websites is the best. You may be thinking that in this online movie streaming site you will only be able to stream movies, but it is not that, the exciting thing is that you can also download full movies from this sites. Also, check out Yify Streaming to watch free movies online.

So let’s check out the best movie streaming sites for the year 2016, here below it is.

Top Best Free Movie Streaming Sites :

  • Crackle: Crackle is one of the best among the free movies streaming websites, and this site is very much popular among all people. This site is mainly known for its high-quality movies and full series TV shows, why not as this is a service given by the best brand that is SONY. In this site, you can not only find free, high-quality movies to watch, but you can also watch full TV shows if you have missed out any. The other extra features of this online movie streaming website are that if you are not much satisfied with the site, then you can go for the app, which you will easily find in your Play store or App store.
  • Movie Plus: Here is the another simple best free movie streaming website. This site is very much simple, but it is having a bunch of movies in its database and it has many categories of movies like romance, comedy, horror, adventure and much more categories. When you open this site, then you will find some simple buttons like Cinema Movies, A-Z movies, New movies and TV shows. So with the help of this button also you can go to the correct directory. But the disadvantage of this site is that is not good for watching TV shows as it doesn’t have many collections in TV shows list.  
  • OZO movies: This is another most popular online movie streaming websites. As this is another simple website where yu can watch movies online and the main thing is that this site doesn’t need your any sign in or registration to watch movies freely. Here you will be able to find latest released movies on the home page itself so no need to go to any menu for latest movies. You can also find other movies by clicking on the menu button which is present on the top left corner of the site. There you will see many years like 2016, 2015, 2014, etc. and Horror and Comedy category.
  • YouTube Movies: The best and most popular websites for watching movies online. Yes, in YouTube also you can find movies to watch online but the thing is that you will not get any newly released movies in YouTube movies, so here you can only watch those movies which are hit enough and are loved by people. In this website, you can also select your desired picture quality with which you would like to watch your favourite movies with.
  • Popcorn Flix: Here comes one of the best free movie streaming websites for you. This site is very much stylish and is having a very easy user interface, and you will get here many movies and for you to be comfortable while searching your favorite movies the site has arranged all the movies according to their categories like Action, Drama, Comedy, Documentary and many other. You will not need to sign up for watching movies for free from this site, simply click on the movie picture and start watching it in a good picture quality.
  • My Download TubeIn this site, my download tube you will have thousands and thousands of movie collection and you can watch and even download movies from this site. You may have experienced in another online streaming website, but this site is entirely different, in this site you can also find your favorite games and download it. This site is mainly made for downloading movies for offline, but you can also watch online with no issues.
  • Wolo Tube: In this famous movies streaming site you will have more than 30000 movies collection of many languages and many categories. For making the users easy to find out their favorite movies the site have carefully placed all the movies in their respected categories. You can watch online movies here without any steps, just click on the movie and start watching in HD quality. Yes, you will need good internet connection.
  • Top Documentary Films: In this site, you will not find all category movies, but you will find all the documentary films. This site looks like a simple blog page where there is some article, but it is no. There are more than hundreds of documentary films and in the documentary also you can get many categories.
  • House Movie: This is the very attractive site for watching movies online, here you will not only get movies, but you will also have serials category and even articles. The layout of this site is very simple and attractive, and the most important thing is that you can also even like and dislike the movies that you movie.

  • Flixster: In this best online movie streaming site you will find very easy to use, and the main thing is that you can not only watch movies online, but you can also book tickets for watching movies in the theater with your mates.

This is all the top 10 best free movie streaming sites for the year 2016, so now watch movies online in an ease way. Now you will not need to stand in queue for getting tickets, just get a good internet connection and start watching movies. So this is all for today, if you want to get more knowledge about online movie streaming then you can subscribe our site. 

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