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How to Remove Write Protection From SD Card [Solved]

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How to Remove Write Protection From SD Card [Solved] : Remove write protection error from sd card, pen drive, laptop, pc, mobile etc. This is very common error which you get while you’re formatting the device/system. You can also use this method to remove write protection error from you Memory Card or Micro SD card as well.


Usually it rarely happens but sometimes you might get this error while you’re trying to format sd card or memory card or even pen drive. This is what we call is “write protection error” which doesn’t allow you to format the third party system. This is very common Windows Error, no it’s no virus. Read below in order to fix this.

How to Remove Write Protection From Micro SD Card?

We’ve come up with total three solutions till now which may fix this problem and you’ll be again able to format your SD Card and fix and remove write protection from SD Card easily. Issue will be resolved.

How to Remove Write Protection from USB Pen Drive/ PC/ Laptop?

In order to Remove write protection error from pen drive and remove write protection error from laptop both methods are kind of same and you’ll need to apply these below methods.

Method #1: Check If Your Pen Drive Have a Lock

In case if your USB Pen Drive is giving write protection error then please make sure that your pen drive doesn’t have any kind of passcode or lock. It usually the case, that sometimes there’s a lock and because of that you’re not able to format your pen drive.

Method #2: Scan Your Micro SD Card / Pen Drive via Anti Virus

I’m pretty sure you must be having anti-virus for your windows OS. So just make sure to scan it for once in order to check if there’s no kind of virus. Because sometimes your memory card or pen drive might be having virus and that’s one of the most common reason why the device is not allowing you to format it. Just in case if you don’t happen to have anti-virus, then download any free open source anti-virus which might not may able to remove the virus but it will surely detect one if there’s any virus. AVG is one of the most famous free anti-virus which might able to help you figure out getting rid of write protection error.

Method #3: Fix With System Registry Method

This may sound bit of a work and really complicated but it actually isn’t. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Start > Run
  2. Type “REGEDIT” > Hit enter
  3. Now Click on Registry Editor
  4. Follow up this path in Registry Editor given below
  5. There will be one write protection open.
  6. Click on that option
  7. Now change it’s value data to 0. (zero in numeric)
  8. It’s done. Now try to format anything.

I hope this will fix your write protection error from pen drive. Also apply the same method to remove write protection error from sd card as well.

In case if you’re having any kinds of troubles while fixing write protection error problem from your laptop / PC just comment below your issue, we will be helping out everyone 🙂 I know how it feels getting frustrated by getting same problem again and again. So I really hope this guide will help.

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16 thoughts on “How to Remove Write Protection From SD Card [Solved]

    1. 090716
      Using latest update for Windows 10. Could not find any listing in registry for “StorageDevicePoi” or anything similar. Anybody got a link to a method for fixing a microSD card that CLAIMS to be write protected and will not allow deletion of files or formatting with SDFormatter, Windows 10 formatter, or the free HP SD card formatter?

  1. None of these seem to relate to W`10…..Storage Device Poi can’t find this so is as far as can get…Help

  2. Its meant to be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies.
    But it doesn’t exist in Windows 10.

  3. I have no such thing as “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies” on windows 7. It won’t let me format going through “manage drives”. Brand new device. Any ideas?

  4. Had 2 micro SD cards saying ‘write protected’. Done all I was advised to do and nothing worked until I put the micro SD cards in a different adapter and they formatted and let me copy and paste pics onto them!!! So the error was with the adapter not the SD card.

    1. Having the same issue on a new micro SD 200GB Card

      Tried everything I have found on the net and the EaseUS Partition Master software couldn’t do anything either.

  5. Click on “OK. ” Your computer will then format your SD card and remove the write-protection status from the disk.

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