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PlayBox HD Not Working Fix, Error Crashing Solution

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playbox hd movie not loading error fix

PlayBox HD not working ? Do you want to fix your PlayBox HD ?
Yes, yes. I agree it’s an awesome app indeed. You get to watch tons of videos, movies etc. without paying a single penny and the collection is so large that it fulfills all your entertainment needs. Which entertainment enthusiast would exclude PlayBox HD from his favourite apps ? If you don’t have PlayBox HD App then download the PlayBox HD Apk from here. And Playbox HD for iphone from here.

playbox hd

I have observed that many people, who badly need PlayBox HD encounter many errors and issues, and ultimately have to hunt for PlayBox HD not working fix. This article is dedicated to these people, and we hope that you will get the solution of your error by the time you finish reading this article.

I have searched for some common errors on the web, each of them with solutions. Find the suitable one below:

Error #1 PlayBox HD Not Working / Running At All/ PlayBox HD Crashing

This usually happens when there are problems with internet connectivity. Follow the below procedure for the error crashing solution or for the PlayBox HD not working fix:

  1. Close PlayBox HD completely. With the word completely I mean remove it from recent apps list too.
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi/Mobile Data (Whichever you’re using for internet)
  3. Turn on Airplane Mode. (For extra precaution)
  4. Hold on for a moment or two.
  5. Now do the opposite of what you did in the reverse order. Turn off the Airplane Mode, Turn on Wi-Fi/Mobile Data and open PlayBox HD.
  6. Your PlayBox HD not working issue is fixed.

If this doesn’t work, try this: (Remember that this works ONLY IF YOU’RE ON A WI-FI CONNECTION)

  1. Close PlayBox HD completely.
  2. Open Settings -> Wi-Fi
  3. Tap on your connected network.
  4. Tap on DNS.
  5. Set it to 8.8.8 or
  6. Re-open PlayBox HD.

Playbox apk

Error #2 PlayBox HD Not Functioning/Not Loading Movie

Yet another common issue. Well, the solution is quite simple.

You just have to change the date of your smartphone to some previous date. For instance, changing the date to 1-1-2015 would be fine.

The steps to change date are different for Android and iOS users. For example, in Android, you have to navigate to Settings -> Date and Time and deselect the automatic date and time option if it is selected before changing the date.

This not working fix works almost every time!

Error #3 Problems While Loading a PlayBox HD Video/Movie

In previous PlayBox HD versions, this might be a bug, but it can be problems with your internet connectivity either. Try the below solution:

  1. Load the video as you normally would
  2. The usual error might come. If it doesn’t, you’re well to go, but if it does, continue further.
  3. In the bottom right there’s an option to change the video quality. By default it’s set to 720p. Tap on it.
    playbox hd not wokring fix
  4. Degrade the value to something lower, say 480p.
  5. If that doesn’t work, degrade it even more – 360p, 240p and even 144p.

Final Verdict

These were the common PlayBox HD App fixes. You can definitely look up to them at times you’re in trouble. It’s possible that your app crashes anytime, or shows errors, or something like that. If it does, do check this article once again and try all the possible solutions to fix the playbox hd not working error or crashing fix. For any queries, feel free to leave a comment below!

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