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Simple Tricks For Speeding Up Your Broadband

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There are a lot of places in the country that still have terrible download speeds which makes any online task an excruciating experience. If you have a slow connection that is slowly driving you insane, there are a number of tricks that you can try to improve your download speed. These tricks are completely free and do not require you to buy a better service from your provider.

Picking Your Position

The key to getting decent download speeds is actually your wireless router. When the router is positioned will play a large role in the speeds that you get. If you place it by a wall or the TV, you will be restricting the signal which will slow down the speeds that you get.

Electrical appliances can also disrupt your internet signal and the cables in your wall can do the same. This is why you need to ensure that your router is placed away from these items. You should also try to place the router as high as you possibly can. When you do this, you should see an improvement in your internet speeds.

Reboot The Router And Clean Your Computer

It is actually a good idea to turn your router off from time to time. This will help to clear any issues that have built up over time and could help to speed up your connection. There are some experts who recommend that you reboot your router every week, but once a month should do the trick.

It is also worthwhile checking the state of your computer. You should ensure that you are not running any connection hungry programs in the background. This can have a serious impact on your overall speeds

Talking To Your Neighbor

Where your neighbor puts their router can have a negative impact on your internet speeds. This is why you should take the time to talk to your neighbor and find out where their router is. Routers can interfere with each other, so try and place your router as far away from theirs as possible to get better speeds.

Check Your Speed

There are a lot of web-based programs and apps that you can use to check your speed. It is recommended that you keep track over a week of what your speeds are at different times of the day. If the speeds are well below what your provider has promised, you might want to consider moving or complaining. If you aren’t happy with the speed compare broadband deals on You may be able to do a lot better.

Pick Your Time

While it can be annoying, the truth is that peak times will result in slower internet connections. Research has found that broadband performance drops by up to 35% during peak times when there is a lot of traffic on the network. The problem is that the worst times to be online are generally between 7 pm and 9 pm which is when everyone is online. If you want to get the best speeds, you will need to be online off peak which is generally around 2 am.

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