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Snapchat Down, Snapchat Not working – Unable to refresh feed Nov’17

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Snapchat Down, Snapchat Not working – Unable to refresh feed Nov’17 : 

Snapchat is down right now with the prominent selfie application not working for a large number of clients.

Snapchat fans have revealed issues with sending and accepting snaps and additionally server issues.

Autonomous site Down Detector has gotten a large number of reports that Snapchat is down.

The blackout tracker screens social says around specific points to track blackouts over the world.

The Snapchat Support Twitter account has presented on say they are looking issues clients are encountering with the application right now.

They tweeted: “Some Snapchatters are experiencing difficulty with the application. We’re investigating it!”

The Down Detector blackout outline the Snapchat issues influencing clients in the UK, Europe and the US.

Latest Update 3: Snapchat is UP and running again.

Live Update 2: Snapchat has confirmed they’re having some issues. It’s been down since an hour now. 

Live Update: Snapchat Down, Snapchat Not working

We’re currently working in order to find out real cause behind snapchat down. On twitter snapchat support account has officially tweeted that they are aware about the current issue that masses are facing in USA and Europe region.

Snapchat is Officially DOWN!

Few days ago whatsapp was down and now again snapchat is down. We’re hoping that we’ll get official update from snapchat very soon and it will be backed up again.

Please stay updated with us. We’re covering live regarding snapchat down time updates.

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