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Towelroot Apk Download and Install – Towelroot.apk

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towelroot apk download

Towelroot Apk Download and Install – Towelroot.apk

TowelRoot APK

This guide has the download link to Towelroot.apk. Also, it has additional information about this awesome app. TowelRoot app is just awesomeness! It’s a simple app that can root your Android smartphone. Yeah, rooting is a child’s play now! Just in case you don’t know, Rooting, in simple words, refers to an act of unlocking the smartphone to derive the maximum potential out of it.

towelroot apk download

In other words, if your smartphone is rooted, your manufacturer restrictions would be removed, and you will have the freedom to do whatever the heck you want! You can therefore conclude that Towelroot.apk does the task of unlocking for you, and it is a smart idea to download Towelroot apk.

Why You Should Not Opt For TowelRoot Alternatives

Towelroot has a stiff competition from apps like RootGenius and KingoRoot. Sure, all of them offer the same features, but MOST OF THEM TRY TO DECEIVE YOU. Many such apps have been reported to steal your user data after rooting your smartphone, which is a tremendous risk of your privacy.

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However, with Towelroot, you can root and use your smartphone with safety. Towelroot.apk team respects your privacy and doesn’t steal your data in any manner.

TowelRoot Apk : Benefits of rooting a smartphone

Though we are discussing about Towelroot app download, I want you to know the benefits of rooting a smartphone.

  • You can go beyond the limits. Yes, you can expand your RAM, overclock your processor and do such things that can improve your smartphone performance.
  • You can install custom ROMs. Is your phone not going to update to the next version? Get a custom ROM with that version and upgrade yourself! Also, change the looks and feel of your device with it.
  • You can *HACK*. Though I don’t recommend this, you can do some basic hacking stuff, like hacking your neighbor’s Wi-Fi etc.

How To Download and Install Towelroot App ?

Follow the below steps:

  1. Download Towelroot.APK
    click here to download towelroot apk file.
  2. Execute that file
  3. Make sure you allow installation of apps from blocked sources. You can even allow that once, if your phone permits that way.
  4. Install your app.
  5. Open your downloaded Towelroot.apk
  6. You will see a message. Press the button below that.
  7. Towelroot will root your device.
  8. The phone will be rebooted.
  9. The phone is rooted! You’re free to do whatever you want now!

Important: Some manufacturers require that the bootloader of the smartphone should be unlocked before rooting. For eg. Sony. So, if you haven’t unlocked your bootloader yet, you might have to do that before downloading Towelroot. Towelroot might not function if the bootloader is locked.

What’s next?

I recommend you to download some essential apps after rooting your smartphone with Towelroot.apk. Here are a few:

  • The control panel of a rooted smartphone. You need to have this!
  • Hibernates your apps and saves RAM. Works on a unique concept, a lot better than apps like Clean Master.
  • RoehSoft RAM Expander. Paid app. Creates a SWAP file on your SD card and uses it as RAM.
  • Removes bloatware from your phone.
  • Internal storage full? Call Link2SD to the rescue.


I hope you’re quite satisfied with the guide. Rooting your smartphone is indeed an awesome thing to do and Towelroot.apk makes it easy for you. For any queries on Download TowelRoot Apk file feel free to leave a comment below.

Towelroot Apk Download and Install – Towelroot.apk
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  1. ok, what other popular applications can you install when it is rooted? trying to decide if xbmc and icefilms will be enough or if I should buy one off ebay that has preloaded apps? thanks

  2. how to unroot the phone after rooting it with towelroot ? My device is Nexus 5 please reply.

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