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Vainglory for PC Free Download Windows 7, 8.1, 10 Mac

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Vainglory for pc If you are addicted to mobile gaming and just can’t get your smartphone out of your hands, then you must have come across vainglory. Vainglory – hailed as one of the best games the RPG category can offer us has changed the face of gaming for the smartphone users. If you don’t have a smartphone, and your friend keeps bragging about the battle, he won then this must be good news for you as the developers of the vainglory have announced a version of vainglory for PC.


As the game, first launched on iOs platform grabbed the headlines pretty quickly and now the developers think that this step will further increase the users. Vainglory download can be initiated for your PC by simply going to the official vainglory site and selecting the link- Vainglory PC download.

A little bit of history: Vainglory for PC Features

The developers of vainglory ‘veterans’ of Rockstar, Blizzard and Riot came together to form a corporation called ‘Super Evil Megacorp’ having its HQ in San Mateo, California for producing a game that the users can play for hours and ages. They came up with a new concept of MOBA- Multiplayer online battle arena, previously used in game legends like DOTA and League of Legends and began but for phones. They started working in the year of 2012 and came up with the game in 2014. The unveiling of the game occurred in the month of September 2014 where Apple used it to showcase the graphical quality of their new iPhone. Later on, the game was launched for Android users on 2nd July 2015.

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Exciting Gameplay

The game used the features like arenas, paths guarded by turrets, Superheroes which they called Legends and small minions to produce an exciting gameplay which will keep the players glued to their screens for hours. In the game, two random players fight to destroy each other’s base and to destroy the ‘Vain Crystal’ located in the other team’s base. The players fight to maintain control on the connecting path from which they can send their minions and heroes to destroy other player’s base, but the path is guarded by enemy turrets, watchtowers and enemy heroes while protecting his base, sounds exciting. There are a number of heroes to choose from, which have their distinct qualities for maintaining the balance of the game. There are in-app purchases in case you want to speed up your game.

Vainglory Game Reviews

When the game was launched, it got a respectable score of 84 out of 100 from Review Score Aggregator Metacritic. It soon gathered praise for its heroes, graphics and gameplay but got some bad press for its lack of in-game communication for players. The game also got five stars from Touch Arcade and was one of the ten Apple Design Award recipients in 2015

Vainglory download numbers were so high that the developers believed that the introduction of Vainglory for PC which can be downloaded from the link Vainglory for PC download will increase the number of players which will, in turn, benefit the company and will increase the growing demand and popularity of the game.

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